Software License Protection Dongle from Senselock Europe

The figures will astound you ... the Business Software Alliance claims that $59 billion worth of software was stolen last year. As a software producer in the already very competitive software market, can you really afford to lose two-thirds of your license revenue to software piracy?

USB dongle licensing

If you are looking for the most secure prevention mechanism to tackling piracy of your software products, then look no further - the dongle is the most secure solution. The mechanism involves a hardware key that plugs into a USB port on your customer’s computer. Your protected software application accesses this key for verification.

what it can do for you

Senselock has outstanding features such as the built-in AES encryption technology in the Clave2, effective against "soft-decryption". You can feel very secure with Senselock.

the right one for you

"We have been using Senselock dongles for quite a number of years to protect our applications. We are very happy with this product. It is easy to use, has never failed us, and looks smart".

    --- Guenther Spanninger
         Innsbruck, Germany


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